Pre School Centre Magic Shows

Magic Package for the under 5's Monday to Friday.

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This page is ONLY for Pre School centres- If you are a parent or guardian after a after a birthday Party magic show please visit the Birthday Party magic Page

Magic for the Under 5's

Aardy provides a fun filled comedy magic show for the under 5's

Running time of 30 minutes - 40 minutes

With an emphasis on comedy- Aardy will have the kids screaming (in a good way) and laughing them selves silly with an amazing magic show

Normally at Pre Schools where a magician is booked- the parents stay to watch. Aardys Pre School show also has something for the parents watching- so they can sit an enjoy the show as they watch Aardy entertain their children.

Optional Balloon animals

Depending on your needs- Aardy can make balloon animals for each child- this depends on how many children there will be and also how much time you want to dedicate

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