Documents You may Need

First things First after making a booking you may need the following documents depending on your needs

Is the event held in a Hired hall?
In that case you will need to give them my public Liability

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Do you need my working with Children Check? D.O.B. 12/10/77

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Covid 19 Risk Assesment for
Vacation Cares
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Risk Assessment some hired halls and vacation cares require a risk assessment
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Aardy was a character created for Saturday Disney By David Welzman the International Merlin Award Winner for a one off occasion- however the constant enquiries as a result of the airing and the replaying gave Dave the idea to create a Birthday Party Show based on the character

So the real question is Who is David Welzman?

DAVID WELZMAN According to Raymond Crowe (NBC’s Worlds Greatest Magicians & The David Letterman show Australias got talent) is Sydney’s Number 1 Sleight of Hand Magician,

He is the Only Magician in Sydney to win the prestigious Merlin Award from the International Magicians Society\

He was the only Australian Magician to be selected to appear on the USA Great Magicians of the World

His Client list is a “who’s who” of Corporate Australia including Mitsubishi, IBM, AMP, Caltex, Xerox and over 150 others. both in Australia and now internationally

Aardy in Dubai

Flown to Dubai to perform Magic

David Welzman has appeared on:

  • Channel, 7
  • Channel 10
  • Foxtel
  • SKY Channel.
  • He was the first magician ever to appear on Kaos TV.

He has performed Mind Reading over the radio for over 10000 listeners on triple H Radio. and over 100,000 listeners on 2UE radio.

So experienced is David he trains other professional Magicians to improve their act and has earned the title – Master. David has also created Illusions sold to other Magicians in the US,UK China and Germany

David is the Author of Creating Customers for life

Other Web Sites by Welzman: (Each open in a new window)

Corporate Magic Website:

Trade Show Magician Website: