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The 2 Hour Magic Show & Magic Lessons Incursion

What is this Magic Incursion?

The Nutshell overview

This is a 2 Hour Magic Show & Magic Lessons Workshop designed to excite and empower the children:
Which Includes:

  • 50 Minute Magic Show
  • 50 Minutes of magic lessons taught by a Master Magician
  • All the props needed
  • A Showbag for each child with Tricks
  • A DVD for each child that re-teaches all the tricks (no child left behind)
  • FREE Access to my safe online magic lessons website with over 80 tricks (and great for expanding your magic incursion)

Please scroll through this page as I break down everything

Empowering The Children

No matter the age or ability- they have the power

Magic lessons gives the children the power to do things no one else can do,which increases self esteem, confidence and pride. Learning and performing magic improves their dexterity, problem solving skills and to think outside the square,plus it’s a lot of fun.

Watch the video for more info on the magic lessons component

Experience the Magic

Establishing Credibility

Aardy your performer and educator is the International Merlin Award Winner (Magician Oscars) and the only Australian on “Great Magicians of the World” USA TV special. Before the Kids start learning they get to experience the wonder, excitement and comedy that has taken Welzman across the globe. The magic show is tailored to the age range of the children.

Watch the video for performance highlights

Reward The Children

Magic Showbags to take home

During the lessons each child receives an incredible Showbag with real magic tricks (not the toys found in easter show bags) plus a DVD that not only teaches the show bag tricks, but also all the tricks from the workshop. This ensures that those with learning difficulty or simply bad memories can learn the tricks and not have to remember anything.

Extend your Magic Day

With this gift to you and EVERY Child

As an Added reward for those kids who want to grow their Magical Ability- Each and every child gets FREE ACCESS to Welzmans Online Magic Lessons training website with over 80 video lessons- normally $59.95 but included as part of the package deal.

This is a great gift because these 80 lessons range from super easy to hard and use every day items- chances are you have all the items in the room right now- you can extend the day by learning a few before the event or provide internet access to the tricks

Or the kids can simply learn them at home

Here's what people are saying

These are only some of the testimonials- Please visit the testimonials page for all testimonials

"We have used magicians before but we havn’t quite had the experience like today, it was great the kids loved it, the full 2 hours was engaging, could ask for a better magician, Thank you"
Heathcoate East Before hour school care and vacation care
we booked Aardy for a 2 hour magic show today, the kids really enjoyed it, they were very engaged for the whole time and they seemed to really enjoy it.and he is very funny. Overall Highly recommend
Rebecca, Mother teresa vacation Care
“We didn’t realise Aardy was a comedian as well Great Entertainment. Aardy is the best magician we have ever had”
Club Med Resorts
We had Aardy attend our vacation care and the kids were all in awe while he did his magic show and it was a great show- fantastic
YMCA Ambervale
"1 of the best magicians we have ever had"
Channel 7 Saturday Disney
"Everyone is raving about you and your tricks"
Tyco Healthcare
“Great Magic”
Thank you for the wonderful show you put on for our staff and their children. WE have received so much positive feedback it was certainly a huge success!

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