Corporate Virtual Events

Come in 2 flavors - Family Events & Adults Only

Family Friendly Shows

For events with Children and parents- or just children

We can provide children with a fun magic show that adults can also enjoy

or multiple shows, 1 for the preschoolers and one for the older kids
Magic Lessons with things found around the house can be taught as well

To make it easy for you we have our own built in online RSVP system and player

Adult Only Corporate Events

Conferences, Webinars Adult Xmas Parties

We can provide full shows for 45 minutes to short in between to raise the audiences energy levels in between heavy information sessions. These tricks are hugely interactive where the magic will happen in your own hands (even tho you are watching the screen)

Tricks can be customized for presentations of a sales Nature- Aardy (Dave Legend) has traveled the world doing Trade Show sales presentations and is one of the most experienced in Australia

Magic Lessons: Aardy can teach magic tricks such as how to hand your business card out and other amazing tricks with every day items

Video examples


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