Zoom Virtual Birthday Party Magic Shows

Easy to organise Cost effective solutions for Lockdown or rural locations.
And a backup to your live Birthdays if laws change.

Currently doing online Birthday Shows for ages 5,6 & 7 Only

We are working on an older style Zoom show for ages 8+

The Virtual Birthday Party

Our Zoom Birthday Parties  are a fun filled 35 minute magic show with lots of Comedy magic and interaction.

During the show when helpers are needed the birthday child  will take centre stage for some amazing magic where they actively control the outcome to the trick

We provide you with a link one of our webpages and thats what you share with those you wish to invite. This link is also where guests go to log in to view the event

Don't know anything about Zoom?

Not a technology person, have no idea whats going on.?

Don't worry you don't need to know anything about it- you don't have to be any good with technology- and you don't need to download any apps all you need to know are 3 things

  • Your email address
  • A link provided by Aardy that you use to invite guests and also to log in to view.
  • You'll want to be on the NBN internet. ADSL just doesn't have the download or upload speed

Kids Magic world has developed our very own Zoom player within our website- All you will need is an email address and you'll be able to view and participate in the zoom event without downloading an app or knowing anything technical.

Aardy will provide you with a link to register your desire to attend (which you share with your invited guests) and thats the only link you need. - On the day of the event- go back to that link and log in using your email address- thats all you need to do.

Demo of how easy it is to RSVP

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